Dog likely had metal pipe on head for ‘weeks’

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A young dog has survived a traumatizing, undoubtedly painful, situation which very likely could have claimed his life. The year-old pooch, dubbed Cletus, had a metal pipe stuck on his head for what veterinarians believe may have been weeks. Two days ago, Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue posted images of Cletus, explaining the frightening ordeal he had been through:

Cletus hasn’t had a good life yet. At 1 year of age he has know not love or kindness.
We do not know how this ended up on his head.
But our guess is someone being cruel put it on him.
He is not scared, he is not jumpy, nothing that we would expect from a feral or street dog.
He is gentle and not one time has shown any aggression, again not a typical stray living on the streets boy.

Fortunately Cletus was captured and received assistance. The rescue group writes:

Cletus has the pipe off now.
His neck, head, ears and other areas have wounds that are badly infected. He is a bit thin also.
Likely heart worm positive and loaded with intestinal parasites.
He is weak and tired from this encounter.
He seems to be relieved that this is off his head.
He will remain at the vets getting these nasty wounds cared for.


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