Dog found nearly lifeless under Texas bridge stumbled over to her rescuer asking for help

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Nina was found nearly lifeless lying under a bridge on Saturday. Her initial finders were afraid to approach her, thinking she had already died, but sure enough, Nina was still alive, and because she so desperately wanted to live, the emaciated dog managed to get up and stumbled over to her rescuers collapsing in front of them. Yes, Nina wanted their help.

ThisIsHouston immediately stepped up to help. Nina arrived safely at Vergi 24/7 and is now in their care. Rescuers were not sure if Nina had both eyes or could see, she certainly seemed to understand she was safe.

When examined, veterinarians stated the dog indeed had both eyes, but they are causing her immense pain and will need to be removed. For now, however she has been administered eye medications for comfort. Nina is also receiving intravenous fluids, antibiotics and dewormers. In addition, she is severely emaciated and will be put on a strict re-feeding schedule.

“There was an interesting finding; a suture hanging out where her spay incision would have been. It’s quite old and stuck with some infection present, so they want to explore that a bit more today. The staff has commented on how sweet she is and think she’s only about 5 years old. We don’t know how many of those years were spent being loved versus being neglected, but we do know she needs us now more than ever. And we won’t let her down again. Thank you all for the outpouring support for this sweet, deserving girl.”

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Check out Nina’s progress in just a day or two in this short video:

On Sunday, Nina’s update included the results of an ultrasound where her stomach seemed distended. An obstruction can not be ruled out, and veterinarians noted foreign material in her stomach yesterday. More x-rays are planned to be done on Monday morning to make sure everything is moving along in her digestion. Clinically she is doing well and is not displaying any other symptoms of an obstruction. Her bloodwork remains somewhat abnormal, but nothing concerning at this time. She does have a secondary inflammation in her liver and pancreas – likely from eating foreign materials to stave off her hunger.

Nina will be meeting with an ophthalmologist for her eyes, but because of her weakened condition, she will be kept comfortable and remain on eye medications.

Someone once owned Nina, but for whatever reason she was lost, stolen or abandoned.

Here’s one little 22-pound dog who has captured hearts around the world. Now to get her all better so that she may enjoy the love and attention so deserves.

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