Dog found chained and padlocked in cemetery – owners lost him in 2017

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Back in 2017, a dog named Kirby escaped from his adoptive home and vanished. His owners had adopted him in 2016 and after years had passed, they assumed that he was gone forever.

Fast forward to October 2021 – Kirby was discovered chained to a pole in a Nashville, Tennessee, cemetery. On Friday, the Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control Facebook page recounted the sad discovery, writing:

Earlier this week our Animal Control Officers got a call from a good Sam. The caller had found a black dog chained and padlocked to a pole in a downtown Nashville cemetery. Our Officers went to the scene and what they saw was terribly sad. The dog was terrified and the padlock had to be cut so that that we could get the dog to our facility.

The animal control agency scanned the abandoned dog for a microchip and they were excited to discover that not only did he have one, but the information for his owners was current. The agency writes:

Our Officers called the number on the chip and the Owner answered! She was shocked that her dog was found and began to cry.

It seemed that Kirby had been through a lot during his years away from his family. The agency explained:

Our ACOs were worried because Kirby seemed so fearful of people. He kept trying to wag his tail but then would flinch and duck down. They let his family know that he may have been through a lot and an adjustment period may take some time since he’d been gone for four years. Kirby’s family came to get him and even though he was fearful he got in the car and off he went back to his home.

But Kirby settled back into his family’s life quickly and was “showing them all the love” that he could. Welcome home Kirby!!

This is a beautiful story to remind all pet owners of the importance of identification! ID tags are important, but they can fall off. In addition to an ID tag (with name and phone number) be sure to have your pet microchipped and keep the information up to date.

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