Dog dumped at shelter because she ‘pulls on her leash’ and today she dies

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At the Brooklyn shelter location for New York Animal Care Centers, Jackie’s fate has all but been sealed. Today she will be euthanized because her owner dumped her at the high kill shelter for no other reason than she “pulls on her leash.”

One can only imagine how Jackie felt when she was left behind on December 30,2020; since she had been a puppy, it was always the two of them. Today was different however, and Jackie was left alone.

“Poor Jackie would not eat or look at anyone, she desperately tried to be invisible. It’s a painful reality of what a pet is forced to endure when they are betrayed by their family. Jackie has waited months for a new family, but the shy, quiet, unassuming ones are passed by for the more outgoing ones,” a volunteer wrote below the dog’s photo.

So what is Jackie like? Shelter volunteers have offered the following descriptions beginning when she first arrived at the shelter.

“Wary, avoidant, skittish, tail tucked, these are the words I see throughout Jackie’s notes for the first few weeks she was in our care. When I would pass her kennel, it seemed she was desperately trying to blend into the wall. Her food sat uneaten, Jackie lay carefully making sure she didn’t make eye contact, wishing she could be anywhere but here. As the days went on, she appeared more alert, even at the front of her kennel– if she was feeling particularly brave.”

When she was offered some high-valued treats like chicken, string cheese, sardines and peanut butter, Jackie started to respond and soon braved the outdoors. She even knows how to shake – she daintily lifts her paw and lets it hover over one’s hand and not confident enough to place her paw in one’s palm yet.

“She seems to look at you hopefully, seeking the reassurance she so desperately needs…”

Jackie is only three-years-old and previously lived with one adult. She has not been around children nor other dogs, but she does not like cats. Jackie is housetrained and her previous owner described her as a high energy pet.

Check out her video:

Video #2

Jackie must go to a New Hope rescue situation for the following reasons as per the NYCACC:


No children (under 13)
No cats
Place with a New Hope partner

Recommendations comments:
No Children (under 13): Due to Jackie’s behavior observed in the care center (her avoidance and high level of fear), coupled with her lack of experience around children she would be best suited for an adult-only home at this time.

No cats: Due to Jackie’s past bite to a cat she will need to go to a home with no cats or other small animals.

(More information is available here.)

To save Jackie:


Please post on THREAD, PRIVATE MESSAGE Dogs Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs, or EMAIL

TO FOSTER OR ADOPT A NYC ACC DOG, PLEASE MESSAGE OUR PAGE or EMAIL US at for assistance. (At this time, due to the global pandemic, the NYC ACC is not allowing direct adoptions in person at their Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn shelters.)

NOTE: You MUST live in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, DE, MD, MA, NH, VT, ME or Northern VA. You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog. Transport is available if you live within the prescribed range of states.

Share Jackie’s dangerous plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Euthanasia begins at noon, and Jackie is tragically on the list. Sharing saves lives.

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