Dog died after man left him in car for 5 hours in 90-degree heat

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Days ago, a Texas man was arrested after he left his dog inside of a parked vehicle, with no windows cracked and no access to water, for an agonizing five hours. By the time that the dog was discovered, it was too late. According to Your Basin News, the man charged for the dog’s death is identified as Christopher Lee Penn.

The deadly incident happened on June 6 in Odessa. Police were called out to the MCM Elegante at 5200 E University after receiving a report of a dog in distress. A responding officer found a distressed dog on the floor of a parked black Mazda. There were no windows cracked and the dog had no access to water.

By the time the dog was removed from the vehicle, it had died. It was 90-degrees on the day that the dog was left in the car – according to a chart from the Odessa Police Department, the temperature inside of a vehicle will climb to 124-degrees in just 30 minutes on a 90-degree day. The dog literally cooked inside of Penn’s car.

It should go without saying that pets cannot be left inside of parked cars, on even moderately warm days. Sadly, each year too many die thanks to thoughtless owners who apparently don’t care about the fate of their pets. Please be alert when walking through parking lots – if you see a pet in distress, call for help as soon as possible.

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  1. Our dogs refuse to go outside when it’s really hot. They want to be right next to the fan & snag the “best seats on the sofa” for themselves!!!

    They only leave the comfort of our home for their veterinary clinic appointments or grooming sessions…….

    I just can’t understand why some individuals think that they must take their companion animals absolutely everywhere (& then leave them in the hot car/truck)???

    Precious treasure, I am very sorry that your life was stolen from you. Your human failed you big time….. I know that you are absolutely in Heaven.

    Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.


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