Dog covered in bite wounds and tied to a tree left by his torturers to die

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In Toledo, Ohio, a blue merle and white mixed breed dog, was found covered in bite wounds and tied to a tree. There is little doubt the person(s) who tortured this young dog left her outside to die.

According to Lucas County Pit Crew, the dog now named Bryley, is in critical condition but is improving. She is being treated at West Toledo Animal Hospital where the staff says she is a very sweet dog.

Bryce Gladney, 16, found the dog while walking near Willys Park and the nearby cemetery. Bryley had been lying in the bushes and the loop part of her blue nylon leash had been attached to a broken branch. The leash was attached to a black collar with the face of Jack Skellington, the main character from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Bryce called his mother for help, and soon the police and a volunteer from the Lucas County Pit Crew arrived.

The Toledo Humane Society has opened an animal cruelty investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the  hotline at 419-891-9777 or submit a tip online through You can remain anonymous.

Check out her video at the veterinarian hospital:

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Donations for the dog’s care can be sent to or left at 855 N. McCord Rd., Toledo, OH, 43615. Monetary donations may also be made online via PayPal at, or directly to West Toledo Animal Hospital.

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Such a sweet parrot!

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray the good people of Ohio WAKE UP and REALIZE how DANGEROUS the people who did this are to YOU, YOUR children and YOUR pets. THIS is probably a poor bait dog STOLEN from a good, law abiding family, used to MAKE money for VILE THUGS. Thugs that YOU allow to go free because YOU refuse to elect officials and judges who legislate and UPHOLD laws that will serve and protect YOU and not these NAZI demons you ALLOW to roam YOUR neighborhoods. You are failing your children, your neighbors and MORE importantly, you are failing GOD and kicking HIM in the face for refusing to obey His laws. Ya’ll better start reading those bible passages thoroughly and quit STOPPING at the point YOU find relevant.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I can’t imagine how terrified this precious little treasure Bryley must have been…… this POS who harmed her and then abandoned her to die needs to be found, arrested, charged and should be locked up forever. He should never be allowed near any people or animals ever again!!!

    This POS has earned himself a reserved space in Hell to burn forever for his cruelty!!!

    Precious little treasure Bryley, I am very happy that you are rescued and getting the veterinary care and treatment that you need. I hope you recover ASAP and are rehomed into a loving furever family where you will be treated as a beloved family member.


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