Dog chewed off her own leg to free herself from coyote trap

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A dog chewed off her own leg after getting caught in a coyote trap in San Antonio, Texas. Days ago, the San Antonio Humane Society recounted what happened to the young dog dubbed Shelby:

A Good Samaritan first saw her caught in a coyote trap, but she ran away before he could help. He saw her again three days later, but by this time, she had gnawed off her leg in order to free herself from the trap. Her entire body was also covered in lacerations, including a few deep cuts in her armpit and inside her ears, from a possible altercation with either another dog or coyote. Her legs were swollen and her wounds were becoming infected. She was extremely shy and nervous and any movement caused to cry out in pain.

Veterinary staff at the shelter sprang into action to save the wounded dog’s life. SAHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kristine Hawkins said:

We were able to treat Shelby immediately. The first and most dramatic was an amputation to her rear leg that had been trapped in the coyote trap. The new equipment in the Leeu Naylor Medical Building allowed us to sedate her and perform full body radiographs.”

“Eventually, she warmed up enough to give us a tail wag and kisses,” Dr. Hawkins added. “Just this past weekend, we convinced her to venture outside. Now, she is absolutely thriving. She loves to run around outside and play!”

Shelby is now in need of a home. Dr. Hawkins commented on the ideal conditions for this mighty survivor:

“Shelby would love a home with a doggy playmate – someone her size or smaller who wouldn’t be rough on her. She seems to be very loving and generous with kisses and is eager to receive tons of belly rubs. She would love a family who appreciates all that she has been through.”

If you are interested in adopting Shelby, please visit to fill out an online adoption application today!

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