Dog ‘Buddy’ intentionally set on fire by child makes miraculous recovery soon to be looking for his fairytale home

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A Labrador retriever, who had been discovered in shock on Peavine Road in Tate County on April 22, had been set on fire, and his face was a blackened mess. Just days later, the Tate County’s Sheriff’s Office released a statement that a child under the age of 12 had purposely set Buddy on fire, but no criminal charges could be pursued because of his age.

The Tunica Humane Society stepped up and offered to help Buddy knowing that the dog’s recovery would be extremely expensive and exhausting. His prognosis at the time was not known.

Buddy lost his vision when his face was set on fire by a child. In the blink of an eye, his whole life had changed.

Because of the severity of his injuries, Buddy spent nearly four months in total darkness as bandages over his face protected his wounds. In August, the bandages on the dog’s face and eyes were removed; the sweet dog was once again able to see, but his healing still had months to go.

His home has been at Mississippi State where his veterinarians and staff have performed miracles.

“We want to keep Buddy as close to Dr. Swanson as possible in case any complications arise during his treatment. But we also want to get Buddy out of the hospital environment so he can begin to experience a normal life again. This precious lab has been in the hospital since his horrific injuries back in April. It’s time for him to have a yard and the freedom to lay in the sun for short periods of time more than he can now, still being a patient in the hospital.

Tunica Humane Society

The plan is to administer the heartworm treatment for Buddy which will take a few more months. He will also need a few more reconstructive procedures on his eyelids, and perhaps the stubborn wound between his eyes that may not heal completely.

“In the perfect Happy Ending, Buddy will be in a loving forever home by Christmas. That perfect family is still undecided, but we know they are out there and our hearts will show us the way when the time is right…..,” the rescue organization posted.

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  1. Does anyone have any information about the child that did this? Is he receiving treatment at all? It shouldn’t just be left alone. This will turn into a bigger problem in time.


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