Dog alerts neighbor about cat stuck in well 10 days after hearing her pleading meows

A cat named Flea was rescued by firefighters in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom after a neighbor’s dog helped to sound the alarm when he heard the cat’s cries.

According to the Rothwell Northants Community and Crimewatch page on Facebook, on Tuesday the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service responded to a call that a cat named Flea had been stuck at the bottom of a 20 ft. deep well.

Freya Hill, the cat’s owner, said Flea had been missing since April 24. When firefighters arrived, they climbed down into the well and saw the cat perched on a small ledge. The rescuers used cat food to coax the kitty off the ledge and carried her up to safety to be reunited with her owner.

No one really knows how Flea ended up in the well, but the friendly cat seemed no worse for the wear, and although she was quite hungry and a bit disheveled, acted as if nothing had happened to upset her.

Many thanks to the pooch who alerted everyone that Flea was in the well. Good dog! Many thanks to the fire department who are always there to help. You men and women are our heroes.

(Photos Freya Hill and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service)

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