Dog abandoned in the middle of nowhere…with only his cage, in the pouring rain

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A cruel person abandoned a dog, in the middle of nowhere with only a cage. Against all odds, the abandoned pooch was discovered and saved from a horrible, slow death. On Monday morning, The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger,” a Texas rescue group, posted an image of the dog, explaining how he was left on his own:

I have no words. Other than yes he was rescued as we were his only hope, to survive in an area where he was a sitting target for dog fighters and murder.


You may have thought leaving him with his crate, harness, leash was something that would take away your guilt for abandoning him. Well let me tell you what you did. You not only put him in the most dangerous spot, you left him wondering what he did wrong.
You left him in front of a creek bed that was rising, full of mosquitos, flies already all over his body. He yelped several times as they bit him constantly.

The dog and cage were left near a busy highway, and a creek which was rising in a downpour. Thunder from the storm left the dog terrified. Fortunately, he was found, and he happily allowed his rescuer to leash him to walk away from the lonely spot where he had been abandoned.

The dog is now receiving care at Creekside Pet Care, and he will go to a foster home when one is secured. Learn more here.

As a reminder – abandoning a pet is a crime.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    EVERY DAY in Texas someone commits the most vile, heinous acts towards innocent, sentient beings. EVERY DAY in Texas a BABY, whether it be human, puppy or calf, is BRUTALLY and SADISTICALLY ENDED. I invoke biblical law “eye for an eye”. PLEASE God, wipe them out! EVERY PERSON, EVERY STRUCTURE, EVERY OFFICER, EVERY ANIMAL, EVERY FIELD of food grown, ALL EXTRACTION SITES, ALL CHEMICAL COMPANIES, ALL POWER PROVIDERS, ALL FUEL STORAGE TANKS, and EVERY POLITICIAN, with particular focus on THEIR GOVERNOR and ATTORNEY GENERAL. WIPE THEM OUT WITH A MASSIVE STORM that comes OUT of NOWHERE.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I pray for all the others who are not found…… the precious little treasures dumped in the woods, the deserts……. I do NOT understand why an individual would think abandoning a helpless furbaby is “ok”???

    Whoever abandoned this furbaby has earned themselves a reserved spot in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty…….

    I hope this precious treasure recovers from this horrible experience ASAP and is rehomed into a loving furever family who will treat him as a beloved family member.


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