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Disturbing online images of animal cruelty results in Texas city shelter suspending intakes

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In Laredo, Texas, the public works director, John Orfila Jr. will serve as the interim director of the Laredo Animal Care Services Facility, replacing Karina Elizondo, after disturbing images of animal cruelty and neglect surfaced online shocking the community. Elizondo will remain as the Operations Manager at the facility during the investigation.

According to KcnsTv, a press conference held on Tuesday addressed the intake suspension and the troubling photos, and the images have since been confirmed. An investigation is underway.

The photos went viral as they were shared by an animal advocate and blogger and subsequently distributed on social media:

“I have 20 more photos that I wasn’t able to post!!!
I have messaged most of council and City manager just now about this issue and it’s disturbing and unacceptable!!!!
Karina Elizondo needs to be held accountable for this mess, it’s been months of messages after messages about the neglect and abuse of animals in this shelter! Someone needs to contact some animal activist that are going to come down…”
The photos show dogs and puppies allegedly at the Animal Care Services in filthy pens scattered with urine and feces. Another photo showed an emaciated dog.

In addition, the city has partnered with the sheriff’s office to develop a program that will have inmates helping to clean the shelter. Unfortunately, there remains an insufficient number of shelter employees to help. The city is asking for people to apply to be kennel workers and to help keep conditions sanitary.

At this time, the shelter has received 800 animals as compared to the normal influx of 500, that has a shelter capacity for 184-185 animals.

“The problem will be assessed and will not happen again. I can guarantee that what we need are people to get applying. Nobody has applied for these positions for months no – we have no application,” City Manager Robert Eads stated.

The city is encouraging citizens to adopt or foster some of the animals at the shelter; all fees for both programs have since been waived.

(Photos via Facebook by Priscilla “La Gordiloca” Villarreal )

Updates to follow.

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  1. EXCEPT for Texans, how many of you are surprised by this? THIS IS NOT NEW for this CORRUPT state with a sitting governor blatantly SHOWING his disregard of sentient being’s lives. A governor who believes it proper treatment to TORTURE a dog DAILY, who thinks HE can OVERTURN another state’s votes to enable THEIR Nazi’s to overtake OUR Capital and KILL democracy. A state FULL of men who ACTUALLY BELIEVE it’s THEIR RIGHT to beat, RAPE, sodomize, starve, and withhold water from ANY LIVING BEING they choose to and that God’s condones their SADISTIC behavior. Bible surmises that “pure madness will seem to overcome some states of being, while others will lift it up as something to worship”, and “God will NOT abide by such and His hand will bring down the most mighty of buildings erected to protect the very demons embracing this vile mind bending madness”. Yep, told ya.

  2. The so called Governor of TX makes me ashamed to say I was born there. I think this heartless pos should have to go to these shelters, the areas where dogs and pups are left like trash, and spend a day with one of the rescue places and look these babies in the eye. If he can still turn his back on these Angels, you have the devil in the works.
    He says Texans love their dogs. Not all, and as long as it is allowed without strict penalties it will continue.
    SHAME ON YOU GOVERNOR OF TEXAS. Wait until you are made to kneel before God and try to explain how you did nothing to help one of God’s special gifts to mankind.
    Yes I would love to see this so called Governor have to hold and look one of these angels in the eye. And again say Texans love their dogs and can see no reason to change the existing laws on Animal abuse. POS he is!
    Also want to say “Bless you and Thank you to the people who try to help and save these precious babies. They have a Warriors heart, to have to constantly see and fight for these precious souls. I fall apart and my heart shatters just seeing pics and videos. I wish I could help, I’m on SSI and not in TX where urgently needed. I would love to foster but live in mobile home park with 2 big dogs already.
    But am up for suggestions.


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