Discarded pup who sees the world with her heart and not her ears will be put to sleep today if help doesn’t come

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UPDATE: Adopted! 😉

How terrifying life must be for Chowder at Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Center. She arrived at the shelter as a stray so not much is known about her, but it is believed she is deaf. She seems to have adapted well, and volunteers and staff tell us she is always excited to go for walks and explore all of the interesting sights and smells she encounters.

Her manners may not be impeccable, but she is treat motivated and that’s always step one to work on improvement. When offered a treat, the 52-pound sweet Chowder sits down and offers her handler her paw, and she has recently figured out if she sits and offers her paw repeatedly, there are more treats coming! She walks well on a leash and seems to be housetrained.

Outside, Chowder is moderately cautious and a bit nervous, especially around heavy traffic and a lot of activity. She needs a trainer to help work her through her anxieties and fears. Tragically, if no one offers to help her, today is her last day, and there will be no tomorrows to smell the roses or meet a new challenge.

Chowder is available to a Level 3 adopter and her ID#125602.



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Shelter notes:

INTAKE DATE: 4-Sep-2021
CHOWDER, ID# 125602, 4 yrs old, 49 lbs,, Spayed Female
Brooklyn ACC, Medium Mixed Breed, White
Surrender Reason: Stray
Shelter Assessment Notes: LEVEL 3
No children (under 13)
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks
Medical Behavior Notes:

Client stated Chowder is a stray dog. She fed dry dog food and believes she is deaf.

Upon intake Chowder growled at counselor no handling was done


No children (under 13)
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks

Recommendations comments:
No children (under 13): Due to observed behavior at the care center and her need for a slow approach Chowder would be best suited for an adult-only home.

Single-pet home/recommend no dog parks: Due to the observed behaviors seen in playgroup (see DOG-DOG SUMMARY) that indicates Chowder is uncomfortable with other dogs, we recommend for her to be the only dog in the home and not attend dog parks. The Behavior Department recommends dog socialization sessions under the supervision of a certified trainer or behaviorist that uses reward-based, force-free training to help Chowder associate dogs with things she enjoys like toys or treats.

Potential challenges:
Basic manners/poor impulse control
Mouthiness/poor bite inhibition
Fearful/potential for defensive aggression

Potential challenges comments:

Basic Manners: In the care center with familiar handlers, Chowder has shown a lack of basic manners – jumping into handlers laps with a loose posture. Though no mal intent, this behavior should be modified using positive reinforcement force-free training. Please see the handout on basic manners.

Mouthiness: Chowder has shown mouthy behaviors with handlers she is comfortable with. Though no pressure is applied this behavior should be modified. Please see the handout on Mouthiness.

Fearful/potential for defensive aggression: Chowder has escalated to growling on multiple occasions both at intake and during her time in the care center. Her signs of discomfort must be respected; Chowder should never be forced to interact, she should always be given the opportunity to walk away from situations or people she finds uncomfortable. We recommend a slow approach and we recommend force-free, reward-based training methods for Chowder. More aversive techniques are likely to increase fear, increase the risk of aggression, and decrease Chowder’s quality of life.

Anxiety: Chowder displays high levels of anxiety at the care center, whining and seeking exit during interactions, and pacing and circling around handlers during walks. We have no history of her behavior in a home environment, so we do not know if this will occur outside of the care center. If it does appear in a future home, we recommend puzzle toys, long walks, and giving Chowder other things to focus on to alleviate her anxiety. Positive reinforcement, force-free training only should be used.

TO SAVE CHOWDER #125602 , please post on THREAD, PRIVATE MESSAGE OUR PAGE, or EMAIL US at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com.

TO BE EUTHANIZED on 12/7/2021 in NYC~NOW $250 PRIVATE DONATION ~ A private donor has graciously offered to pay $250 to the New Hope partner that pulls Chowder.

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