Despite being tossed over a fence and limping, pup still loves life but in a few hours a NYC shelter will snuff out his life

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Just under two-year-old, Phoenix’ life is about to end in just a few hours. His sad story gives him no reason to trust anyone; he had been thrown over a fence and hurt his leg. Still, even with a noted limp, Phoenix still loves to play, and then play some more.

The absolute favorites in Phoenix’ world are his stuffies, squeak toys, ropes and anything he can fit and carry around in his mouth.

“Will you play with me?,” a sweet boy asks with his eyes completely unaware today is his last day to wake up to his toys.


A volunteer writes:

Despite all his challenges, I’m totally in love with this big boy! Phoenix stands up in his kennel barking trying to get my attention and when I walk over, he wiggles and jiggles like 60 pounds of Jello. As he comes out for a walk, he makes a beeline for the leash, grabbing and tugging at it; but I take out my “doggie catnip” – a big, plush squeaky toy – and he immediately drops it for this newfound treasure. He carries it around playfully shaking it and tossing it in the air, then running to grab it as it hits the ground. But none of this compares to the fun he has playing fetch…”


Phoenix does get over aroused when he plays and will need help from a trainer/behaviorist to work through his issues.

Happy pup and has no idea today his life ends.

Additional notes:

INTAKE DATE: 20-Aug-2021
PHOENIX, ID# 124460, 2 yrs old, 64 lbs, Male
Brooklyn ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Gray / White
Surrender Reason: Stray (lived with finder for 2 weeks)
Shelter Assessment Rating:
Medical Behavior Rating:

FINDER SURRENDER NOTES – BASIC INFORMATION: Phoenix previously lived with 1 adult and 4 dogs. He is described to be friendly/outgoing with strangers. Phoenix previously spent time with a large dog estimated to be 2 years old. Phoenix is described to be friendly/playful until given toys/food.

It is unknown how Phoenix would be around cats. Phoenix will move away slowly if the finder touches the food or bowl while eating. Phoenix will growl/snap of the finder takes away a bone, toy or treat. Phoenix did not bite the finder or another animal in previous home. His finder describes his energy level as high.

Other Notes:
Phoenix enjoys baths and is not bothered with nail trimming/coat being brushed. Additional notes about behavior and the suggested best approach for Phoenix’ success:


Check out one of his videos:

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