Deputy rescues dog who escaped from home on record-breaking hot day

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A dog named Dozier chose the hottest day in recorded history to escape from his home in Washington state. The pit bull was saved from burnt feet and potential heat stroke thanks to an observant sheriff’s deputy who managed to corral him.

On Monday night, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of the rescued pooch, and the deputy who saved him, recounting what happened:

Earlier this evening, Deputy Burnette was driving in the 2400 block of 132nd St SE when he saw a loose dog walking through a nearby business property. He pulled over and saw that the dog’s feet were burning on the hot asphalt and he appeared to be overheating.

Deputy Burnette was able to secure Dozier with the help of some enticing dog treats and once inside of his patrol car, the over-heated dog was given some cool water to drink. The Sheriff’s Office writes:

They hung out in his patrol car with the air conditioning on full blast while waiting for Animal Control.

Animal control arrived and scanned the dog for a microchip, but before a call was made, his family arrived. The Sheriff’s Office said:

They had been frantically searching for Dozier after he escaped from their nearby house. Dozier is feeling much better now and his owners will take good care of his feet. 🥰

Temperatures climbed to 110 and above in most areas of western Washington on Monday – it was dangerous for pets to be outside because of the dangerous heat. Kudos to Deputy Burnette for helping Dozier!

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