Defeated stray puppy with bloated belly defies clinical diagnosis

At the Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahama, a stray puppy loaded with parasites needed help. The moment rescuers arrived, they were shocked by the puppy’s condition; his belly was so bloated he was not able to walk, and his breathing was labored.

Rushed to a local veterinarian clinic, x-rays were taken and the defeated little puppy was then rushed to the second clinic where the veterinarian said the puppy’s liver was too small and he would need a complete blood workup. Their diagnostic machines were not operating, so off again to a third clinic.

Check out his video: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)

At this animal hospital, the staff had trouble drawing blood because of clotting, but was finally able to obtain some blood for a culture. An inconclusive diagnosis stated the puppy, named Yophiel, has an enlarged heart along with a heart murmur. In addition, he is anemic, his abdomen is full of fluid and blood, and an ultrasound would need to follow.

“This little boy came so infested with fleas, that I could not deal anymore having them all over my hair; I bathed him myself at the clinic. In a matter of three hours, vets saw him, and nobody really had an explanation of what could be the cause for his enormous belly. Right now he is in my bedroom sleeping,” the non-profit organization posted on social media along with the photos of tiny Yophiel.

Ultrasounds were taken yesterday, and Yophiel’s rescuers are waiting for the results to know what the next step is in order to save this puppy’s life.

Every life is precious.

Updates to follow.

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