Dead and dying dogs found locked in cages at tenant’s residence

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A man in Randolph County, North Carolina, is facing cruelty charges after his landlord found dead and dying dogs at the residence where he was renting. According to multiple sources, 48-year-old Michael Hamilton moved out of his rental home, abandoning dogs who starved and died.

Destiny Parnell’s family owns the property where Hamilton rented, and they noticed that something was amiss after seeing dogs barking at the window of the house. Parnell tells My Fox 8 News:

They would get up in the window over there and bark at us. You could tell they were skinny and starved.

Concerned about the dogs, Parnell contacted animal control and the true horror of the situation was revealed. Officers who responded to the residence found two dead dogs locked in cages, and one inside of a box beneath a shed. Five malnourished, but still alive, dogs were also found and taken to Randolph County Animal Services for care.

Hamilton is charged with three counts of felony kill animal by starvation, five counts of abandonment and five counts of cruelty to animals.

(Screenshots via Fox 8 News)

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