Day in the life of homeless puppy in horrid medical condition found living under car

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In the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, another homeless puppy was rescued early Tuesday morning. Fortunately, this little guy was spotted by a Good Samaritan, and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help again.

The puppy is in very poor physical condition and suffers from painful mange and open and infected sores on his skin. In addition, he is likely suffering from internal worms – making this defenseless little one anemic and weak.

“Puppy living under a car in horrific medical condition.
Look into this baby eyes , you see despair and hopelessness 😢.
This is an everyday occurrence , we were just lucky enough to stumble upon this poor innocent puppy we have now named Grant who was found under a car .
He surely could have been run over by the car but more likely he would have died from his poor medical condition , covered in mange, open sores, with skin that’s so infected and raging .
We are certain he has worms , anemic which is life threatening.”

Now named Grant, he was picked up and is currently being given life-saving treatment at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital.

Updates to follow:

Please help and DONATE towards Grant’s medical care and vet bills ..


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  1. rdr says:

    Freaks in Texas disgust EVERY ONE in this country. Perhaps you all ought to start delivering these TORTURED animals to Texas politicians who have the POWER to change this, yet REFUSE to do it. Be on the ready with cameras and news outlets to catch THEIR REACTION when you explain private funds are exhausted and their constituents ARE the THUGS causing this egregious suffering. So here ya go Senator Cruz, Cornyn, Abbott, Paxton, etc., YOU use YOUR MONEY to care for these VICTIMS YOU ALLOW to suffer, for what ever reason. WE don’t know WHY, only YOU can answer THAT. Please do NOT call us for help, YOU caused it to get out of control by YOUR INACTION, so YOU take care of them.


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