Dachshund left behind during pandemic makes 10,000 mile trip from South Carolina back to Australia to rejoin her family

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An adorable dachshund named Pipsqueak has quite a tale to tell after making a 10,000 trip from her temporary home in South Carolina to Sydney, Australia. When Covid-19 hit, Pipsqueak had been on a four-year sailing trip with her family, but without warning the Eilback family had to fly back to Australia – without their beloved pooch.

According to WjclNews, the family had been sailing around the world when the pandemic hit. Their dog, Pipsqueak had already been part of the family for two years when they found her in Sicily, and since the pooch enjoyed boating, it was a perfect fit for the family with two young children.

When the borders closed quickly, Zoe and Guy Eilbeck, and their sons Cam and Max, had less than 48 hours to pack up everything from their 40-foot yacht after docking in Hilton Head Island. The family turned their dog over to a friend, and instead of a sailboat, Pip would live on a bison farm. That was only to be a temporary arrangement, or so the families thought.

And so it came to be that Pip would need a long term home until she could make her way back to Australia, and it was Ellen Steinberg from Hillsborough, North Carolina who agreed to help. She constantly updated the family about Pip’s adventures and was even able to do a video chat with the pooch.

When it came time the regulations for reentering Australia became feasible, the rules were very strict for Pip to return home. First, she needed more vaccinations, a health certificate; making veterinarian appointments during the Covid 19 pandemic were troublesome. After having all of the necessary paperwork, however Australia announced they were no longer allowing dogs to fly into the country.

Finally, the restrictions were relaxed enough, and Pip had the help of The Sparky Foundation, who offered to fly with the dog to Los Angeles, and then Jetpets would then pick up the rest of the journey home. At Melbourne, Pip went into quarantine for ten days, and even then there were more delays and interruptions.

When local media picked up the pup’s extended story, the Sydney Morning Herald agreed to help Pip home.

And so five months later, Pip came home. She wiggled in delight when she was reunited with her family.

(Five months later, Pip is home)

Check out Pip’s adventures on Instagram page: No Plans Just Options.

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