‘Coward’s way out,’ angry rescue group berates whoever abandoned kenneled dog in the heat

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On Sunday, a local Texas rescue group angrily berated whoever abandoned a crated dog in Montgomery County. The First Responders Animal Rescue posted images of the crated dog, and admonished the individual who left her there alone locked in her kennel with the dog’s belongings.

“You could’ve at least given her a fighting chance, or provided her with food and water. The fact that you left a trash bag filled with her things next to the kennel doesn’t make us think you’re any better of a person,” the First Responder Animal Rescue posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

The rescue group added:

You had no idea if anyone would find ever her, luckily for her a police officer working an extra job did- who knows how long she had been in that kennel for. She’s a very sweet dog, there was no reason for you to dump her.

Fortunately there is a happily-ever-after for this abandoned pooch. The rescuers explain:

Another police officer recently inquired about adopting a dog because she is needing a companion, the only problem was that she was a little afraid of dogs and had NEVER even touched one before. 🐾They met today and really hit it off ❤️ this dog was a perfect sweetheart to her! She went home with her this evening and I’ll be following up with her and helping with the rest of the adoption process.

A police officer has decided to give this abandoned dog a new home.

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