Couple abandoned live dog in dumpster miles from home, but they aren’t going to jail

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A couple in Colorado threw their still alive dog into a dumpster in Westminster, Colorado, but they won’t be spending time behind bars for their actions. As reported by KDVR News, a construction worker found the Yorkshire terrier inside of a dumpster at a job site in July; the dog was sitting on a blanket amidst the piles of trash. Thanks to Scott Miller, the good Samaritan who found him, the little dog was spared being picked up by a garbage truck and possibly crushed.

Miller told KDVR that the dog was “no way” anyone could have thought that the dog was dead when he was put into the dumpster.

A microchip revealed that the little dog belonged to Robert and Dr. Nickie Bell, who claim that they thought the dog was dead when they threw him away. When an animal control officer questioned them about the dog, Nickie Bell, who works as an assistant superintendent for the Cherry Creek School District department of educational operations, said:

  • Nickie Bell: “So we wrapped him in his favorite blanket and we put him to rest.”
  • Animal control officer: “Where did you put him to rest at?”
  • Bell: “What do you mean?”
  • Officer: “Where did you put the dog to rest at?”
  • Bell: “In a dumpster.”
  • Officer: “When did you do that?”
  • Bell: “Last night.”
  • Officer: “So your dog is very much alive.”
  • Bell: “What?!”

But the couple didn’t throw their dog away near their home…he was found in a dumpster 32 miles away. When the officer questioned them about the dog being found so far from home, Robert Bell stated that they were driving around, just “bumming,” when they chose the Westminster dumpster to put him in.

Teddy’s former owners

The incident could have been a felony charge, but instead, it resulted in three city violations, including abandoning animals, neglect of animals, and cruelty to animals. The couple pleaded guilty to the neglect of animals charge and the others were dismissed.

As reported by the news agency, the couple paid fines and restitution in exchange for the two charges being dropped.

As for the little dog abandoned in the trash…he has a new home and a new name. Today he is named Teddy and his adoptive owner describes him as the “sweetest dog.” She told the news agency, “What could he have done to make someone want to throw him away and ensure his death?”

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    These 2 POSs have earned themselves reserved spots in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever…….

    They seriously deserve prison time (lose the keys)……..

    I am VERY happy this precious little treasure was saved, recovered and has been rehomed into a loving family who will treat him as a beloved family member!!!


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