Controversial social media figure arrested after claiming she broke her dog’s legs

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For the last five years, Brittany Johnson, aka Lovely Peaches, has been a controversial social media figure; her rise to questionable fame included a disturbing post claiming she hired someone to assault TikTok star Charli D’Amelio who has a following of 67 million and who never said a word about Peaches.

According to, Johnson has now been charged and arrested for animal cruelty.

“Until her case is concluded, she is not allowed to own or care for any animals,” a DeKalb County Police Department representative told TooFab. “Meanwhile, her Jack Russell Terrier was taken into custody by Animal Services, where it was examined by a veterinarian and Johnson voluntarily signed over custody.”

In an ugly attempt to make more outrageous headlines, Johnson used Instagram to allegedly torture her small dog. One video showed her picking the dog up by the scruff of the neck and spraying perfume in its face. She also claimed to have broken her dog’s legs and showed a photo hanging the six-month-old puppy from a coat hanger. In a disturbing post, she promised if the little dog died, “I’ll eat it on live for you guys.”

Peaches’ TikTok account has been shuttered, although this is not the first time she has been banned from the social media platform. Some fans say Peaches is all about satire, but most people aren’t laughing.

Johnson has since been granted bond; no trial date has been set.

Photos via Instagram and screenshots via

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: that poor precious little treasure…… I can’t understand why this individual chose to harm a precious furbaby to “get social media followers”??? Those snapshots make me cringe. My instinct is to snuggle that furbaby and reassure him that he is going to be ok from now on……..

    I am VERY glad that this precious little treasure is going to get veterinary care and be rehomed!!! I hope he heals ASAP and is rehomed into a loving furever family!!!

    I hope that the authorities throw the book at this terrible individual and further, that she has a lifetime ban on ever having any companion animals!!!

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    WAKE UP! ANY parent in ANY state ought to be FLOODING their state representatives, along with ALL law enforcement agencies to set about legislating laws that PREVENT DEMON spawned VILE THUGS like her from EVER owning ANY animal again. THUGS like her ARE a DANGER to SOCIETY, ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN! They also ought to DEMAND a registry that is NATIONWIDE and given to ALL shelters and rescues to alert them to these MONSTERS and PREVENT them from getting another animal. NOTHING but PURE EVIL here.


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