Constable in India let two stray dogs share his umbrella during rain storm while directing traffic

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In Kolkata, India, Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal navigating traffic during a heavy rain storm near Park Circus Seven Point crossing has caught the admiration of people all over the world. In the photo, Mandal of the Kolkata Police, can be seen holding his umbrella over two stray dogs while directing traffic.

According to the Times of India, once the photo was uploaded on Saturday to social media, people found the compassion of the officer so heartwarming, they shared the picture until it quickly went viral. The police took to Twitter and posted the picture naming it “Moment of the day.”

Kindness has no limits, and an Australia-based landscape architect and cartoonist has created artwork based on the photo.

“I had been seeing the photo on my social media timelines for the past two days. I knew I wanted to create something based on it the moment I saw it! …and the photo captures everything all at once. I was more attracted to it because I am a dog lover myself.”

Mahafuj Ali

In addition, a senior officer from the East Traffic Guard stated he was happy the photo went viral. Tarun just happens to be a big dog lover and this photo showed the proof.

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