Comfort dog at South Florida condo collapse unable to walk after helping survivors cope with the disaster

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A six-year-old basset hound-Labrador retriever mix named Teddy was one of several comfort dogs deployed to the scene of the Surfside Condominium collapse from Crisis Response Canines. On Tuesday, Teddy was on his way back home in a private jet after he suddenly lost his ability to walk.

Teddy and his canine companions spent several hours a day comforting families who lost loved ones in the collapse and searching for human remains in the massive pile of rubble since the June 24 tragedy.

When Teddy’s story hit social media, an online campaign to fund the dog’s treatment raised more than $46,000 and included a private flight from a New Jersey based Titan Aviation Group out of Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday to Philadelphia where the dog is being treated.

Teddy’s owner, Sophia Barrett, believes her dog may have suffered a hip injury before arriving at Surfside and his condition became worse as he walked amid the rubble. According to the NYPost,

“It appears that he has a possible herniated disc, as well as a partial tear of his cranial crucial ligament in his knee,” Dr. Beth Hirschfeld, a veterinary acupuncturist reported.

Teddy is receiving laser therapy and acupuncture to relieve his symptoms along with other therapy.

It is not known if Teddy will be able to walk again, but his owner and his supporters are sending their love.

(Photo screenshot Crisis Response Canines and Cbs)

Donations to aid in Teddy’s recovery and journey home can be made through GoFundMe.

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