Clever cop uses dog toys to encourage coyote cornered in woman’s kitchen to flee

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Two Spartanburg police officers in South Carolina, Lieutenant Metz and Officer Cote, might very well be “coyote whisperers.” The officers responded to a call about a coyote cornered in a kitchen; in the end no one was hurt and the coyote ran away into the woods.

According to the Spartanburg Police Department, who posted the video on Friday, stated a call came in at 9:00 p.m. on March 19. The body cam footage showed how the officers handled the situation.

The coyote likely entered the home through the doggy door and went unnoticed – that is until the little dog in the home saw it and started to bark. The homeowner spotted the coyote in the kitchen corner, and at first didn’t realize what it was – initially thinking it was a dog. The animal didn’t growl or whimper according to Channel7News.

For over an hour, the coyote stayed in the corner not moving or making a sound. When the officers arrived, they opened up the back door in the kitchen hoping the animal would just bolt out, but he still didn’t move. He was probably too scared.

And then one of the officers had an idea. He asked the homeowner for dog toys and started to toss them at the corner. It worked! The coyote slipped out of the home through the open door.

When the officers checked outdoors, they saw him running away into the night. Coyote encounters are quite rare. They don’t want to meet up with us, no more than we want to meet up with them. Fortunately this story had a happy ending – many thanks to the homeowner and to the two officers who respected wildlife enough to be this little guy’s heroes.

Check out the video:

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Such a sweet parrot!



2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    If that were my home, the “doggy door” will be permanently closed off. Now that the coyote “knows” there is a small dog in the home, he might be back to snatch the furbaby as a “snack”……. I have seen coyotes snatch small dogs (& it’s absolutely awful because the pet parent failed in these particular situations to protect their furbabies)……. with a small dog, one must take special care, including:
    1) never outside for “business” unless on a 3’ lead.
    2) never walk at dawn or dusk.
    3) always supervised when outside with children.


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