Clarification: No United States military dogs abandoned at Kabul

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A photo of dozens of dogs in kennel carriers has gone viral on social media claiming there were United States military dogs left behind in Kabal as the last plane evacuated the country at one minute before midnight on August 31.

The Military Working Dog Team Support Association announced they are confident and “100% certain” there were no working dogs abandoned in Kabal. The United States military made sure all of the dogs were safely evacuated and flown home on U.S. aircraft.

“We share you anger, frustration and sadness knowing that any dogs were abandoned, but at this time, we cannot verify what day this photo was taken or who is ultimately responsible for these dogs. What we can verify is that these are NOT US military working dogs being abandoned in Kabul.”

Military Working Dogs FB

It is believed the photo was taken at the airport and involved the dogs awaiting their flights from Kabul Small Animal Rescue. The dogs and the rescue’s founder, Charlotte Maxwell-Jones were not able to evacuate the country after the ISIS-K bombing took place and planes were not able to enter the airport for relief purposes. Reports that 46 working dogs and several personal pets belonging to fleeing Americans were rescued, however they were not military dogs as per the latest report from Military Working Dogs.

It is hoped the dogs that were ordered to be freed from their kennels were left dog food and that the Kabul Small Animal Rescue will be able to find the dogs again and bring them to safety.

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  1. Carmon Roy says:

    It may not have been military working dogs, but contractor working dogs. When I was at Kandahar – 2018-2019 – some of my co-workers took in a beautiful working dog that had been left with the Afghan Army (along with 2 others that died due to lack of care and feeding). She was emaciated and thankfully the base commander let the base veterinary personnel take her in until she could be shipped to the states. The contractors considered them equipment and didn’t care that they were leaving them with personnel that didn’t care for dogs as we do.


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