Chocolate Lab thought he had gotten away with raiding the food bin but the evidence nabbed him in the act

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An adorable chocolate Labrador retriever puppy thought he had gotten away with a nighttime raid to the food bin to nibble on some frozen goods, but the best laid plans of puppies often go awry. Nine-month-old Shelby lives in Dukinfield, Tameside, in Greater Manchester, and he has made quite a name for himself this week.

According to the Mirror, the comedic pooch, ended up with the cover of the bin stuck around his neck. His owner, Susan Bithell, discovered the hilarious dog’s antic and videoed the interaction:

You’ve been in the bins, haven’t you? You’re still in the bin. He sniffs every bin outside on his walk on bin day, and he always tries to bin dip at home if he gets a chance.

Susan during the video

Susan came downstairs to discover the bin had been knocked over, and Shelby had been sitting next to a bag of frozen potatoes. It seems Shelby was so embarrassed, he slinked off to bed. The puppy is very food oriented, and this isn’t the first time he headed over for the food supply.

His mom helped him take the lid cover off his neck, and the two enjoyed lots of loveable cuddles. Who stays angry at such an adorable little trash can diver?

The video, shared on Facebook, garnered thousands of “likes” and the comments were just as adorable.

Check out the video:

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