Chained to a tree 24/7 in Texas sun and heat, pup’s only relief was to seek shelter under a truck

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Tragically, the neglectful treatment of Lolo is the story of too many dogs in Texas where these sentient animals are treated as if they are just property to be disposed of or tossed away at will. Lolo was lucky – animal advocates, neighbors and a hardworking animal rescue organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC refused to give up.

Lolo had been kept chained to a tree 24/7 in the excruciating sun and heat of south Texas. Advocates had been trying unsuccessfully to help as they watched the dog’s health spiral downward in the blistering heat. His only relief was to seek shelter under a truck.

When at last, the dog appeared to be in very poor health, the owner finally surrendered him to the rescue organization. Lolo was immediately transferred to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC partner veterinarian for life saving treatment.

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