Cat missing for 12 years that lived as a stray in a cemetery reunited with his owner

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A missing cat named Tom, living as a stray in Cathay’s Cemetery in the Welsh capital Cardiff for more than a decade, was rescued this week by Anna’s Rescue Centre. Tom and another stray had been living together for years; the two cats have been extremely bonded.

People who lived in the area fed the cats through the years as they assumed the friendly kitties were strays. Late last week, one of the local residents asked the local rescue to help the cats and maybe find their owners. Both of the cats seemed weak and were covered in fleas and bots. That’s when Anna’s Rescue Centre captured the two cats and brought them to their partner veterinarian for treatment.

How about that? Tom, the black and white cat, had a microchip! He had been missing for more than 12 years. The rescue posted Tom’s pictures on Facebook searching for more information about his owner.

“We are looking for a lady with the last name WHITE who lives or used to live on Claude Road. This lady’s cat Tom went missing 12 years ago! We have him here safe and sound. Please share, let’s make a dream come true and give everyone with a missing cat hope.”

Anna’s Rescue Centre

And just a few hours later, Tom’s owner, Donna White contacted the rescue. The black and white “stray” was her cat.

Donna has since agreed to help the other cat Tom bonded with, as that cat is not doing well and may not have long to live.

Check out the video from the rescue organization as Donna and Tom reunite:

We couldn’t end this bittersweet story without the update:

“It’s been an emotional few days. The story behind our old boys goes like this… we were called out to the cemetery because Peter was extremely worried that flies were settling on and taking over Dennis’ body, he was getting weaker and weaker. We went and picked them up straight away, we all thought that it was going to be a case of making these boys comfortable at the cattery for their final days. These boys are very old, the flies must have sensed death was near and used Dennis’ body to lay their eggs. A living vessel their offspring could thrive on. Absolutely horrid. He would have surely been dead within days if it hadn’t been for Peter calling us. He’s now free of all infestation and Donna is fattening him up. He will have a comfortable end now. Without human interference, poor Dennis would have suffered a most horrific death. Thank goodness Donna microchipped tom ❤

Anna’s Rescue Centre

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