Car thief arrested thanks to tracking device on dog who was inside of vehicle

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An unsuspecting car thief found himself in cuffs thanks to a tracking device on the collar of the dog who was inside of his victim’s car when the crime took place. On Wednesday, the Pasadena Police let Instagram followers know how a husky named Kazoo helped them crack the case.

The California police agency’s Instagram post reads:

Last week, officers from the Pasadena PD responded to the area of 1000 E. Union St regarding a stolen vehicle. When officers arrived the suspect had already fled the scene in the victim’s vehicle, taking with him the victim’s dog and leaving behind a previously reported stolen vehicle. What our suspect didn’t know, was that the victim’s canine companion had a special collar that was able to provide us with the GPS location of not only the dog but also the suspect and the stolen vehicle.

Thanks to the tracking device, officers monitored the suspect’s location and ultimately stopped him in the area of the 105 freeway and Imperial Hwy. The traffic stop resulted in the suspect’s arrest and Kazoo was reunited with his owner.

(Image via Instagram)

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