California man arrested on charge of slitting dog’s throat on Snapchat video

In Riverside, California, a 19-year-old man was arrested on Monday and charged with animal cruelty after he posted a video on Snapchat cutting his puppy’s throat. Angel Ramos-Corrales faces a federal crime of animal crushing causing injury that carries up to a seven year prison sentence if found guilty.

According to AbcNews, the video was posted on February 13, showing Ramos- Corrales slit the throat of his dog, Canelo. The video showed the dog lying on the floor with a gash in his neck. On the video, Ramos- Corrales said the dog was dead and that he had “smoked” him. And while the dog was still alive and suffering, Ramos-Corrales kicked him.

An acquaintance of Ramos-Corrales sent the disturbing video to a person who called police. When authorities arrived at the home where Ramos-Corrales tortured the dog, Canelo was still alive and Ramos-Corrales was splattered with blood.

He told authorities he had been smoking marijuana and didn’t remember what he had done, but he had lost control when Canelo had nipped him. He labeled himself a “cold blooded killer” and felt remorse and poured alcohol on the dog. The dog was rushed to a veterinarian hospital where he had to be humanely euthanized.

Ramos-Corrales is free on a $15,000 bond awaiting his next court appearance.

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