Caged dog abandoned in shelter parking lot – staff can’t even get near him because he is traumatized

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Under cover of darkness, a caged dog was abandoned in the parking lot of a New York animal rescue. On Thursday morning, Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue posted a photo of the dog, and explained what happened, writing:

To the people who cruelly dumped their dog in our parking lot at 11:04 pm last night. Got you on camera.! You need to get in touch with us today! Come down and do it right. This is not a legal surrender.

The rescue organization angrily continued:

Your stupid note does not help you or us. What you did was horrible, abandoning your dog on private property to sit in a cage all night!

Explaining that the dog is so frightened and traumatized by the situation that nobody can get near him.

Guess what? We can’t get near him! He is traumatized. If you got him from a rescue, shame on them too. Not neutered, not microchipped. We don’t even know his name.

Find the rescue group on Facebook at this link. Hopefully this dog’s owners can be found and someone can help make this sad situation better.

(Image via Facebook)

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