Businessman charged for killing dog who grabbed a ball on the golf course

A dog who picked up a golf ball to play with lost his life after a businessman fatally shot him. According to multiple sources, Salil Zaveri has been identified as the dog’s killer.

The fatal incident happened on Saturday at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Resort in Puerto Rico, reports the Associated Press. According to the Puerto Rican authorities, Zaveri used a 9 mm gun to repeatedly shoot the dog.  David Begnaud, a correspondent with CBS News. broke the news over the weekend, Tweeting:

This is the man arrested by Puerto Rico police accused of shooting a dog on a golf course in Puerto Rico. Police say the dog ran onto the course & grabbed a golf ball. The man allegedly shot the dog twice, then hit the ball to the next hole & then shot the dog again.

Police seized Zaveri’s passport and driver’s license; he was released on bond. It has been reported that Zaveri is a sales consultant and founder of Zaveri Consulting, LLC.

Zaveri’s profile on the website for the business reads:

Salil Zaveri
I have 40+ years of experience in sales & sales management. The various roles that I have had are in chronological order: College Agent, Special Agent, Account Representative, Branch Manager, District Manager, General Manager, Independent Broker and now in my current capacity as FOUNDER & CEO of Zaveri Consulting, LLC. Your INDEPENDENT & UNBIASED resource to INCREASING SALES, PROFITS, OPTIMIZING YOUR INSURANCE PORTFOLIO & FUNDRAISING.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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2 replies
  1. Gen says:

    You can add stupid jerk LLC to your profile , dog just wanted a ball to play with, I’m sure you had many more in your golf bag ! HERES WISHING YOU LOSE EVERY GOLF GAME FOREVER!!

  2. tamara beinlich says:

    Puerto Rico is an American territory. He doesn’t need a passport to fly to the USA. Poor dog was just doing what a dog does chasing a ball. Monsters are real and they look like a human.


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