Britain’s ‘Unluckiest Dog’ finally gets a home after two long years

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At long last, the wait for a new home is finally over for a dog named Dillon. The nine-year-old Lurcher had been dubbed one of Britain’s “unluckiest dogs,” after he was found two years ago by the side of his deceased owner…loyally protecting his human companion until the very end.

Dillon was taken in by the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) shelter in Cornwall, England, and he remained there for years…apparently overlooked and unwanted by potential adopters.

Things have finally changed for the senior dog. As reported by People, widespread campaigning to find Dillon a home finally paid off. A spokesperson for the rescue said:

“After a national (and international!) campaign to find this boy his forever home and another failed attempt along the way, we had an application for Dillon which ticked all his boxes. After arranging a meet, it was love at first sight for Dillon’s new owners and most importantly, for Dillon, who felt right at home.”

For the first time in two years, Dillon will be enjoying Christmas in a home, with a family of his very own. Congratulations to Dillon and his new owners!

(Images via Facebook/NAWT)

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