Breaking News! Lady Gaga dog nappers arrested – including several known gang members

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There is breaking news out of Los Angeles, California, today as the LAPD announces the arrest of multiple people believed to be responsible for dog-napping two of Lady Gaga’s dogs in February. According to TMZ, a total of five people have been arrested, and four of the five people are known gang members.

The individuals arrested are facing multiple charges for taking Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs, Koji and Gustavo, from her dog walker, Ryan Fischer who was shot during the abduction. Lady Gaga had offered up a huge $500,000 reward for the safe return of her dogs, but police advised her not to pay out to the female dog finder until the investigation was complete. As it turned out, the authorities’ suspicion that the woman was involved in the dog-napping caper proved to be correct.

The suspects, un-named, are facing charges for attempted murder, accessory to murder, and robbery. Gaga’s dogs were returned unharmed and Fischer eventually recuperated enough to leave the hospital.

Original coverage of the dog-napping incident here.

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