Bonded pitties reliant on each other need help finding new home

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It’s not as if finding homes for bonded dogs is an easy task; in fact the homes are far and few between, but rescuers and dog lovers reaching across social media refuse to give up. Meet Bo and Nola. Almost their entire lives have been spent together; both were accustomed to being home alone during the day and were never crated and had no issues.

Bo and Nola are currently in the care of Albert’s Dog Lounge located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and their story is one of love. They were raised in a loving family with children, and the two are kind and even-tempered. Sadly, their lives were recently met with tragedy, and their lives have been turned upside down.

Just recently, the home they lived in caught fire after the fire from their neighbor’s home spread to their home. Their owner had been at work, and the dogs were trapped inside. Someone was able to enter the home and rescue the dogs who had desperately been trying to escape and digging into the drywall.

With this tragedy, the owner fell on hard times and felt the only safe way to take care of Bo and Nola was to surrender them to a shelter.

“…..Please pass no judgment. We know this was very hard for her. When we heard their story, we pulled them and brought them to Wisconsin hoping to fulfill their mom’s final wish to them – that they get another beloved family.”

Albert’s Dog Lounge

Here they are:

Bo is eight-years-old and loves to be near Nola or any human. He loves to nuzzle, cover people with kisses and loves curling in a friendly lap. He is also very friendly with other dogs.

Nala is 11-years-old and the maternal one of the two dogs. She is always watching over Bo and is sweet and loves everyone – dogs and people. She just wants to meet everyone and say hello. Nala is fully housetrained and might very well make a perfect therapy dog with some more training.

“Currently both dogs are experiencing some separation anxiety but we fully believe this to be situational with the recent trauma t hey have experienced and all the abrupt changes to their lives recently. While we know, at first glance, they are just a pair of plain brown pit bulls and are a dime a dozen, we assure you that both of these dogs are nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL!”

For more information about Bo and Nala, please click here.

Albert’s Dog Lounge is a specialty rescue focusing primarily on senior and special needs dogs.
Our process includes an approved application, reference checks, a homevisit, and then a meet and greet with the dog. Adoption fee is $500 for bonded pairs. Learn more about Albert’s Dog Lounge, our mission, and adoption policies by visiting
Begin your application process by copying this link into your web browser:
WI Dept. Of Agriculture License Number: 474085-DS.

Please share the plight of Nala and Bo with friends, family and social media contacts. Amazing happy endings continue to happen as more people share.

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