Bonded friends, surrendered because owner moved, unwanted since April

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A bonded pair of dogs, surrendered by the owner who said that they were “moving,” have been waiting for someone to take them in since April. On Tuesday, a social media post was made on behalf of the dogs, named Bingo and Zane:

UPDATE 7/20: No rescue or adoption holds. The shelter is over capacity. Let’s get them out!!
no one wants a large bonded pair…
they’ve sat in their kennel confused and alone for 7 weeks 💔
Bingo 47532438 is 3 years old, 74 pounds, neutered, and heartworm positive.
Zane 47532418 is 6 years old, 147 pounds, neutered, and heartworm negative.
Owner surrendered on 4/13 for ‘moving.’

With notes about their personalities:

I finally took these boys out in the yard this past weekend, once for pictures, and the next day to just let them run around. I fell in love!! Bingo is a big baby. When I had him on a leash, he leaned on me the entire time. Zane the GSD is huge. He could definitely lose some weight but he is so playful outside and tries to engage in play with Bingo. He can be intimidating in his kennel and with new people so breed experience would be best. Notes say he doesn’t like to be restrained but I had no issues leashing and unleashing him when a kennel tech was with me. I really worry about these two.
** They were dog tested and need to be the only other dogs in a home.

Not everyone can take in two, large breed dogs, especially when they need to go to a home with no other dogs. But there has to be someone out there that is in the right position to take them in. Sharing their information will help them find that one special person who can make a difference.

They must be adopted or rescued together.
If you want to adopt, it must be in person.
If you want to foster, you need to find a rescue first.
All transport must be arranged by rescue or adopter.
📩 All rescue tags must be sent via EMAIL:
They are located at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control/North Animal Campus- 351 Hillshire Fort Worth, TX 76052
Pictures by Carlos de Leon

Note: Please do NOT call the shelter! Email only.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    These precious treasures look like very nice, well behaved companions.

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking that their original family has “dumped” them.

    I don’t know how anyone could “dump” family members (I know that I shouldn’t be so shocked because people do the same thing to their elderly parents and other relatives)…….

    Sadly this is not unique to Texas. It happens here in Washington state too. I compliment the shelter for giving them lots of time. Many shelters “clear out the kennels” very quickly, almost too quickly, for companions to be rehomed or rescued…….. really tragic in some cases (2 great bonded pitties were euthanized after their original owner died and no one in the family wanted them)…….

    I hope someone can open their heart and home for these precious treasures before they are both gone forever…….


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