Blind raccoon, who served as ambassador for Wildlife Education Project, has died

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Trouper, a blind raccoon who served as the ambassador for the Wildlife Education Project (WEP), has died. The sad news was shared Monday with followers of the Trouper and Friends Facebook page. The post reads:

It is with devastating sadness that we let everyone know that Trouper passed away Sunday, March 28th around 6:00 pm. Trouper lived 12 wonderful years with his mother and caretaker Dot Lee. Dot is grief stricken and in a place that consoling can barely reach. Dot commented that when this day came she prayed he died in her arms and he did.

Trouper’s caretaker, wildlife rehabilitation expert Dorothy “Dot” Lee, fought to save his life after he was abused by a human when he was just a baby. Trouper survived being beaten with a golf club, but the attack left him blind. He went on to enjoy a full life in Dot’s care and he became a federally licensed wildlife ambassador for WEP.

Before Covid shutdowns took place, Trouper and Dot did presentations for The Wildlife Education Project in order to spread more awareness of their cause and pay for Trouper’s care.


A request for help was also posted to Trouper’s Facebook page:

Dot never asks for help so we are going to ask for her. Dot is on a fixed income that doesn’t cover her living expenses. Between her meager social security, yard sales and donations, she barely gets by. Please consider a donation to help ease any concerns for her future during this very difficult time. You can donate on this GoFundMe link
or cards and donations can be mailed to:
Dorothy Lee
12901 McGregor Blvd
Suite 2, PO Box 218
Fort Myers, FL 33919

(Image via Trouper and Friends Facebook page)

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Such a sweet parrot!



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