Blind dog who spent most of her life in misery on a chain and since made a heartwarming transition still has no home

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A 12-year-old dog who had spent most of her life in misery arrived at the Many Tears Animal Rescue in Pembrokehire, Wales nearly two years ago. Veterinarians and volunteers were shocked at her condition; her skin was raw around her neck from the chain that bound her, her matted fur pulled at her inflamed skin, she was totally blind and pregnant.

She had been the product of a breeder and was only around and alive to produce puppies.

The shelter named her Annalize and attended to her medical needs. One of her eyes had to be removed, and her litter of puppies have all matured and been adopted. Still no one wants Annalize, and this sweet dog has a lot to offer.

She has been in foster care in Pembrokeshire and has made a miraculous recovery. A perfect home for her would be one like this:

“Annalise needs another dog or two in her new home as she would not cope on her own. She adores cats too and would love it if she had cat brothers or sisters!

She has to have someone around all the time really – as she has to know her humans are close or she gets very upset even when you are in bed! She currently sleeps in a room with the other dogs, but I’m in a room separated from hers with only a stair gate, so she knows I’m only feet away from her.

Annalize is not totally house-trained after 2 years so we don’t see that changing, she will be clean most of the time in the day as long as you let her out at regular intervals. She nearly always toilets inside at night though, so you would have to accept that if you were to adopt her.

Annalize cannot be crated as she hates being restrained in ANY way. This also comes into play when she is in a room, she has to be able to walk around the house freely and if you close a door she will scratch at it, so this needs to be considered in lots of scenarios day to day and how you would manage this for her to be free.”

Many Tears Animal Rescue

Please share this beautiful gal’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. As her foster mom so aptly stated when considering if Annalize will fit perfectly with your family;

“…There is a lot to tell you about Annalize and she is a very big part of anyone’s life in many many ways, she doesn’t live with you – you live with her!”

Many Tears Animal Rescue foster mom

If interested in making Annalize a part of your life, please click here.

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