Beware: Dog suffers severe chemical burns on back from reaction to non-prescription flea medication

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A sweet dog named Jazzy from the Indianapolis Animal Care Services, was transferred to the Indy Humane earlier in the week. Everyone’s heart sank when the dog arrived at the rescue; Jazzy had suffered severe chemical burns down the entirety of her back due to a reaction caused by a non-prescription flea medication.

Jazzy’s pain had been excruciating. Whenever she would move, the large inflamed wounds on her back and the drying edges from the top of her head to the base of her tail, sent sharp pains throughout her entire body.

Veterinarians immediately went to work and sedated her while her injuries were clipped and cleaned. She was carefully tucked into a comfortable kennel in the ICU section of the Indy Humane and started on a regimen of pain medication to keep her comfortable. Every day, Jazzy patiently withstood the careful cleaning of her wounds and cold laser therapy to help promote the growth of healthy skin.

Throughout her extremely painful experience, Jazzy has remained “sweet, trusting and above all a true survivor,” the organization wrote on their social media page.

“Jazzy’s story is unfortunately not unique. Each year countless dogs and cats become victims to injuries and illness caused by home remedies or non-prescription flea preventatives. This is why it’s important to only purchase preventative for your pets from a veterinary clinic. It may seem like a hassle, but this extra step and relationship with a veterinarian keeps your pet safe.”

Please share Jazzy’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Yes, her photo is hard to look at, but just imagine how this dog coped with the challenge,  and let’s hope it doesn’t happen to any other dog.

Education is knowledge.

To help with Jazzy’s recovery, please donate here.

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