Bernie waited for owner, injured in car accident, to return but nobody helped him and he was found shot to death

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Three months ago, a dog named Bernie was involved in a car accident and his owner was injured. The faithful pup stayed in the area, waiting for his person to return, but that never happened. Sadly, nobody bothered to help the broken-hearted dog, and instead, some land owners in the area threatened to shoot him.

Sadly, after being on his own for months, someone made good on their threat, and fatally shot the devoted dog who wanted his owner to return. A person who had learned about Bernie, and tried to capture him, shared the sad news in a public Facebook post.

Bernie was found deceased this evening – about a half mile from his last sighting. He had probably been there a couple of weeks. His collar had been removed and there is a bullet hole in his chest area. Fortunately, he had a microchip.

She shared the heartbreaking situation that led up to Bernie’s demise:

I also figured out that he wasn’t “dumped” but had been in a car accident nearby on May 31. He was there waiting for his owner to return. She had injuries in the accident that prevented her from getting back there. Everyone else chased him away or ignored him. 

Rest in peace Bernie. It is pitiful that nobody helped you get back to your person.

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