Bear with chicken feeder stuck on head for a week rescued by wildlife officials

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A female bear with a chicken feeder stuck over her head for at least one week  in the foothills of Boulder has been rescued and freed back into the wild.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Twitter account, the bear was first seen wandering with “a bucket on her head” and was chased by two men up a tree. Officers were sent to the area and acted to rescue the yearling.

CPW NE Region

Wildlife officials tranquilized the female bear and brought her gently to the ground where the chicken feeder was removed. Once the bucket was removed, she was freed and ran back into the forest. She was described as being too thin for a yearling, but otherwise she was healthy.




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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very glad that this bear was saved. Too bad she couldn’t be released far from wherever it was that she hooked the wire bucket over her head…….

    She might not be so fortunate if it ever happens again…… I would hope that the rancher would call for help vs. simply shooting her…… no guarantees though…….. chickens and humans are not endangered species but at the rate we are going, the same cannot be said for our environmentally stressed wildlife……


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