Baby fox covered in tar found on Pennsylvania railroad tracks

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In southern Pennsylvania, a baby fox remains in critical condition after being discovered by a hunter who found the defenseless animal covered in thick grease on the railroad tracks in Marietta.

“This fox kit was brought to us this evening when she was found covered in thick grease by the railroad tracks in Marietta. The finder called us in a panic and so upset that the fox was barely breathing. We started to prepare for the arrival of the unknown and told them to bring the kit to us right away. This was a blessing that they were only 15 minutes from the center, as it was evident time was running out,” the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center posted on their social media page.

After fluids were administered, which slowly warmed the kit, she was able to lift her head on her own.  She has a long road to recovery and had been tube fed because she had not been eating on her own. The task of removing the oil by bathing using an oil dilution solution has begun, which will then allow for veterinarians to examine her for cuts and lacerations.

Foul play is not suspected; likely this little one was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The red fox’s age is estimated to be only 6-8 weeks, and she still should be in a den with her mother.

“The support that our community is showing is very humbling and we are so thankful. This is a very emotional and heartbreaking case and none of us are sleeping very well thinking about her.”

Follow the kit’s recovery here.

We will check back with her and update soon.

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