Austin woman videoed repeatedly striking elderly dog but authorities say ‘no criminal offense’

In Austin, Texas,  distressing cellphone videos have gone viral which captured a woman violently striking an apparently elderly and disabled dog. Three videos alleged to have been filmed in the last two days showed a woman yanking the dog’s leash, lifting the dog by its tail and shouting at the dog to “stay up.”

The dog can be heard yelping in distress as the woman appeared to using full force downward slaps because the dog was unable to stand.

Videos: (WARNING – GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING and may not be suitable for all viewers.

According to a PETA press release, both the organization and the complainant reported the abuse to both the Austin and Travis County authorities using the videos as evidence, along with the suspect’s address hoping the innocent dog could be rescued immediately. There have been no reports made available as to the dog’s health, welfare or condition.

Authorities, however have decided there has been no crime. PETA is asking animal advocates for their help:

Most importantly—where is the dog? Despite vague assurances that she isn’t in danger, officials aren’t saying whether she was removed from the home.

Please politely urge the following officials to provide assurances that the victimized dog has been removed from her abuser:

Austin Police Department

Travis County District Attorney’s Office

The Honorable Steve Adler
Mayor of Austin

Please also ask members of the Austin City Council to secure for their constituents an update about this dog’s status.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?


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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Texas ONLY SUPPORTS BEATINGS, STARVATION, STRANGLING, and SODOMIZING any animal, but are particularly GLEEFUL when it involves an innocent dog, cat, horse, or cow. I GUARANTEE you the NAZI PUKES in ALL these Texas agencies will NEVER seek to protect ANY living entity, EXCEPT for the unborn. If you’re a HUMAN in the womb, they will go to all lengths to protect you. Once you’re born, HOWEVER, they GIVE ASSAULT WEAPONS to criminals, especially illegal immigrants and ENCOURAGE them to maim, beat, rape, and SLAUGHTER children, animals and women to the fullest extent possible; while REQUESTING their law enforcement to seek out as many colored’s as possible to BEAT to DEATH. Cops here KILL a person of color 1-2 TIMES per WEEK. So, how is ANYONE surprised by this? And the people who ALLOW these NAZI pukes to stay in office are EVEN WORSE, because THEY have the POWER to STOP this, BUT DO NOT DO A DAMN THING.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    Watch the video and carefully observe her while out during the night, she ties to cover the fact that she is CHOKING THIS DOG. I didn’t catch it at first, but it did stand out enough that I watched it again a couple of times, then slow motioned it, and YES! SHE IS CHOKING THIS DOG, but it’s NOT a crime?! Oh dear God, PLEASE take this state down.


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