Arkansas family’s dog, missing for a decade, found 1900 miles away from home

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An Arkansas family was stunned when they received a phone call from California letting them know that their dog, Razzle, had been found at a trailer park in Stockton. As reported by WLNS News, the now elderly dog had been gone for more than a decade.

Razzle’s owners, the Howard family, had not seen their dog since a Saturday morning in 2011, when they let him out like they had every day…but on that day, he never returned. The Howards looked everywhere for their dog, but he was nowhere to be found.

Now Razzle is with a foster family in California, waiting for his return trek to his Arkansas family. According to the news agency, the family has offered to fly with Razzle in order to get him back where he belongs.

Razzle’s upcoming reunion was made possible by his microchip – a wonderful reminder of the importance of microchips, and keeping that information current.

(Screenshot via WLNS News)

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Originally posted May 28th. He’s got to be home by now but I couldn’t find anything. Got to see the reunion video!


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