Area residents fight to save life of swan deemed ‘too aggressive’

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In Brick Township, New Jersey, neighbors in Seawood Harbor are fighting to save the life of a male swan after he has been deemed “too aggressive.” Residents defending the swan say he is protecting the baby swans.

According to NewJerseyNews12, the United States Department of Agriculture agrees the bird is too aggressive and has ordered the swan to be trapped and euthanized.

Defenders of the swan, state people taunting and badgering the swan family has led up to the male’s aggression, and killing him is not the solution. People using water vehicles in the waterway too quickly rile the swans, and they get defensive. When the vehicles pass by the swans slowly, the swans simply swim away.

So what’s wrong with people respecting wildlife?

Thus far, the plans to kill the male swan continue, and neighbors are pleading with the mayor of Brick to help obtain a permit to relocate the swans.

The Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township has confirmed if permission is granted from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, they will  help capture the swan family and bring it to a refuge.

(Photo: screenshot via News12)




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