‘Anti-epidemic’ worker fatally beats woman dog while she is in covid-19 quarantine

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An anti-epidemic worker in China is accused of going into a woman’s residence and beating her dog to death. According to multiple sources, the woman was at a hotel, quarantining for Covid-19, when officials in the city of Shangrao entered her home and violently disposed of her dog.

The incident sparked widespread outrage on Chinese social media. As reported by What’s On Weibo, the entire city is currently on lockdown due to a confirmed case of Covid-19. Officials are going to residents’ apartments to disinfect them, and they encountered the woman’s dog on Friday night. The woman had access to security footage showing two officials inside of her apartment, beating her dog in the head with an iron bar.

Officials released a statement following the deadly incident and commented that the workers were not expecting to find the dog in the apartment, so they proceeded with “harmless disposal,” of her pet. The dog’s owner claims that other pets left behind by owners in quarantine were also killed by these officials. The killings appear to be government officials who are trying to eliminate any and all risk of exposure from the virus, despite little evidence that pets can spread the sickness to humans.

In the wake of the backlash, officials stated that the worker who killed the dog has been fired.

(Screenshot of surveillance via What’s on Weibo)

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