Another cow, who escaped from California slaughterhouse, has been found

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On Thursday evening, Farm Sanctuary alerted Facebook followers to breaking news – one of the cows from the California slaughterhouse escape had been found! The sanctuary said:

It turns out there was a second cow who evaded capture after escaping from a slaughterhouse in Pico Rivera, CA last week. She survived on her own, without care, and went undetected for eight days until she was found Wednesday morning at a park in La Puente, California—about 12 miles away from the slaughterhouse.

Not only did the cow escape the slaughterhouse and survive on her own more than a week, she gets to live out the rest of her life without fear of being killed. The sanctuary said:

This afternoon, we welcomed her home to our Acton Sanctuary.

Ashley Pankratz, Farm Sanctuary’s National Placement Program Manager, described the cow’s tremendous fear:

“When our team picked her up, she was petrified, shaking so badly that all she wanted to do was lie down, but she was so afraid, she kept charging in fear.”


“She is thin and dehydrated after 8 days on the run through the streets of LA fueled by nothing but fear, instinct, and the will to live. We are grateful to Manning Beef for releasing her to Sanctuary and the City of Pico Rivera, and Simone Reyes for facilitating her release, and all of those who ensured she was captured alive. Given the chance they all want to live.”

Simone Reyes, Vice President of Social Compassion in Legislation, said:

The entire nation found themselves rooting for a herd of escaped cows to make it to freedom and not end up on someone’s dinner plate. Getting two of the cows out alive, thanks to the compassion of Pico Rivera officials, the generosity of Manning Beef, and the tireless life-saving work of Farm Sanctuary will go down as one of my proudest moments as an activist.”

City of Pico Rivera – Government’s Manager Steve Carmona said:

We are glad to see a positive outcome for the future of this last remaining cow. I’m personally glad the owner of Manning Beef realized the positive nature of this generous gesture of giving this animal to Farm Sanctuary.”

The sanctuary expressed gratitude for those who made sure that the two cows would be saved:

This new arrival joined June B. Free—the only other survivor of the herd to escape slaughter—to live a life of freedom and safety. A huge thank you to our incredible Shelter team, who have been working tirelessly to make sure these two cows are as stress-free and comfortable as possible, and to Lisa McGinnis for her generous support and June’s fitting name. We’re so grateful for you all!

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