Animal service officer rescues dog hiding under trailer home after being hit by a car

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A Pinellas County Animal Services officer rescued a small, injured dog that had run under a trailer home after having been hit by a car. Officer Patrick Houck arrived on the scene, December 8, to save the terrified pup.

According to the Pinellas County Animal Services Facebook, when Officer Houck arrived on the scene, the dog was still under the trailer. Patrick crawled under the trailer and managed to secure the injured pup in a net to bring him out safely.

He immediately transported the pup to Blue Pearl for triage and then transported him back to the shelter the next morning.

The dog, since named Petey, underwent surgery for a dislocated hip and is currently doing well at the veterinary hospital.

Animal Services hopes to find Petey’s family. If not, he will be made available for adoption.

Officer Patrick Houck is just one example of the many heroes and animal welfare advocates at the shelter, who remain dedicated to the care of the four-legged Pinellas residents.

Check out the video:

(Photos via Facebook Pinellas County Animal Services)

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