Animal control seizes dying puppies from man’s car in Baltimore

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On Friday night, five dying puppies were discovered inside of a broken down car that was outside of a gas station in Baltimore. A good Samaritan witnessed husky puppies who were “covered in their own filth and barely moving” and a man who was asleep behind the wheel.

On Monday, the BARCS Animal Shelter recounted the sad situation on social media:

Baltimore City Animal Control was called to the scene. When they arrived, the conditions were even more horrific than they could have imagined. The puppies were only 4-weeks-old; they were actively having bouts of uncontrolled diarrhea and were eating their own excrement and vomit. They were very thin, lifeless and unable to stand.

The animal welfare agency explained what the man intended to do with the ailing puppies, writing:

The owner of the vehicle explained that he had bought the puppies down south and was traveling up the east coast to sell them for profit.

BARCS named the puppies Clove, Rainbow, Noki, Milton, and Sky. The pups were all diagnosed with parvovirus and despite being given emergency treatment, Clove had passed away. Shortly thereafter, Sky also died.

BARCS writes of the remaining puppies’ fight for survival:

It’s now Monday morning. Noki and Milton are in critical condition but are making some progress. Rainbow is not faring as well as her brothers; still, the emergency team is doing everything they can to try to save her life.

Describing the financial toll of saving these ailing puppies:

Our shelter has already invested over $5,000 to save these puppies who, if given proper care from the breeder, wouldn’t be facing this horrible disease in the first place. Had the driver’s vehicle not broken down in Baltimore, these poor puppies would have continued to suffer without medical intervention—and most assuredly would have all passed before the driver reached his destination.


You can help the shelter by making a financial donation here.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    How about the FACT that if he had sold ANY of these sick babies, they would have given the virus to any other dogs in THAT household. THIS is the WORKINGS of YOUR fellow EVANGELICALS folks, real fine demon spawned Nazi’s, yes?


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