Animal control contacted after neglected dog spotted on chain, without water or shelter, in the cold

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Last week, in the midst of a frigid, snowy day in San Antonio, Texas, animal control received a call about a chained dog who was suffering in the elements without water or shelter. On Tuesday, the City of San Antonio Animal Care recounted the situation to Facebook followers:

Last Thursday, on a cold snowy day, Officer Winckler received a call about a dog that had been chained outside, with no food, water, or access to shelter. When he arrived at the location Officer Winckler found a dog curled up, doing whatever possible to stay warm.

Describing the frigid conditions the dog was suffering in:

The poor dog had snow and ice on his back and the only water near him was frozen solid. At the time, the temperature was only 27 degrees with an icy wind chill of 17 degrees. The weather would only be getting worse throughout the day. This was no condition for a dog to live in and something had to be done immediately.

Officer Winckler spoke with the dog’s family to see if they were able to bring him inside to keep him safe from the cold, and they told him that they were unable to do so. The dog, named Baxter, was surrendered instead.

The animal welfare agency writes:

Since he arrived, Baxter has been enjoying our temperature controlled areas and we make sure to provide him (and all of our pets) with fresh food and water. He is an older gentlemen, very sweet, and calm mannered. He walks very well on a leash and seems like the perfect dog to lounge with.
After all he’s been through, we’d love to help Baxter spend the rest of his life with a family that is able to care for him during his senior years. We know his perfect family is out there.

Baxter needs a home

The shelter hopes to find Baxter a home where he will be kept warm, safe, and loved. You can find the shelter’s website here.

Shelter phone: (210) 207-4738

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I hope someone local can open their heart and home for Baxter. He would be a wonderful family member!!!

    His former family did him a favor to surrender him. I hope they never have any other dogs, ever!!!


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